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Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska

lake clark

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure-seekers. Lake Clark's spectacular scenery provides a true Alaskan wilderness experience for its visitors. The Lake Clark National Park and Preserve lies about 100 miles southwest of Anchorage. Its remote location means that it is accessible only by air or on foot.

The park is home to a vast variety of animals. One can be sure to see sea otters, whales, harbor seals, black bear, moose, eagles, and spiders in this arctic wilderness. The impressive grizzly bear is also found here; visitors should be careful about approaching these potentially dangerous animals. Hunting is permitted in a portion of the park, and summer is a time when many hunters descend here. The Preserve is an area where anyone with a hunting permit may hunt.

The park contains Alaska's volcanic belt, which is part of the Pacific "Ring of Fire", which contains 70 potentially active volcanoes. Within the Lake Clark region itself there are four active volcanoes, at least one of which will possibly erupt in the near future. Hot volcanic gases can be seen steaming out from some of the summits.

Hiking in Lake Clark National Park can be rewarding experience, and is probably the best way to experience the park in its true natural splendor. The western foothills offer open, relatively dry tundra for back country hiking and camping. There are some magnificent views of mountains, glaciers and lakes. Popular camping destinations include the beautiful Telaquana Lake, Turquoise Lake and the Twin Lakes.

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