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National Park of American Samoa, American Samoa

american samoa

The National Park of American Samoa showcases the best of American Samoa scenery, reefs, and rainforest. This the United States’ only parkland in the Southern hemisphere. It was created to protect the fragile ecosystem and ecological communities of this region, which include the tropical rain forest and the Indo-Pacific coral reef.

All the units of the park have fine scenery and tropical rainforests. Lata Mountain on Ta’u has some of the best wild and remote forests, free-flowing streams and coastline. Ofu and Olosega have the most beautiful and accessible coral reefs along with spectacular beaches. Tutuila has accessible forests, native wildlife, and some of the most pretty coastline in the region.

Although the park may be small by the standards of the continental United States, its marine segments run along almost 15 per cent of American Samoa’s coastline. The reef in the park is a magnificent maze of at least 64 different varieties of corals. Boulder corals hundreds of years old are also found here. One unique type of staghorn coral is quite remarkable, as it resembles stalagmites rising from a tabletop.

The park in American Samoa adds a unique dimension to the US National Park System. From outstanding coral reefs to diverse natural ecosystems, the park has an incredible array of natural treasures. Visitors to this park have ample opportunities to experience nature at its very best.

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