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Sequoia National Park, California

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Sequoia National Park, located in the foothills and mountains of the Sierra Nevada range, contains the thickest concentration - and the biggest specimens of sequoias to be found anywhere. The huge number of these trees in the park tend to overshadow its assortment of meadows, peaks, canyons and caves.

Sequoia is famous for some of the largest trees in the world. However, where these trees cannot grow, there are thick forests of pine and fir. Paths lead through these forests and meadows; longer treks rise above the tree line to the barren peaks of the High Sierra. After entering the park from the south, you can enter the dense woods of the aptly named Giant Forest, where displays in the Giant Forest Museum explain the life cycle of the giant sequoias.

From the Giant Forest, you can explore along the Crescent Meadow Road. Just beyond, a loop leads to the granite monolith of Moro Rock (a three mile marked trail leads from Giant Forest), which streaks upward from the green hillside. Views from its remarkably level top can reach 150 miles. A staircase makes it possible to climb the rock in fifteen minutes, although the altitude can be a strain.

Whatever your plans, you should stop at Lodgepole Village, three miles north of the Sherman Tree, for the geological displays and film shows at the visitor center. You can also explore the glacial canyon on the Tokopah Valley Trail, which leads to the base of Tokopah Falls.

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