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Virgin Islands National Park, US Virgin Islands

virgin islands

Virgin Islands National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the US national park system. Located west of Puerto Rico on the border of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, the park contains a variety of natural treasures like tropical forests, mountains, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and magnificent marine life. The park is also known for its archaeological ruins and other historical sites.

The most magnificent parts of the park are the beautiful beaches found along the the north shore of St. John. These beaches are made up of fine, white sand, and offer crystal clear waters. The Caneel Bay, located on the western edge of the north shore, is one of the most beautiful areas of the park. The colors of the water change with the time of day, and offer a spectacular sight at midday. Trunk Bay, along the eastern side, also has. John's most well known and beautiful beaches.

The island of St. John is also blessed with historical and archaeological sites. Civilizations lived on St. John as early as the twelfth century, as evidenced by the rock carvings. The ruins of several windmills can be found in various places within the national park. The most popular and most visited of these old mills are the remains of the Annaberg Sugar Mill.

The park is also rich in wildlife. One of the surprising creatures found in the park are donkeys, which were used by the local people for transportation in the 1950s.

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