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General Information

Arizona, the desert state of USA is world famous for the awesome Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Nestled in the southwestern part of USA, Arizona has a predominantly desert climate. Phoenix is the capital city and also the largest in the state.

Arizona is broadly divided into 5 regions namely, northern, North Central, Arizona West Coast, Phoenix and Central Arizona, and Tucson and Southern Arizona. The lower part of the state has extensive deserts while the northern part is decked with mountain ranges and pine carpeted expanses.

Stunning landscapes and world famous locales are part of Northern Arizona. Grand Canyon, Red rocks of Sedona, Monument Valley and Lake Powell are the must-see destinations here. Additionally, the flavor of Native American cultures pervades all around and their, history, culture and artworks are bound to make the visit truly memorable. North-Central Arizona is a different slice altogether. With cooler temperatures gifted by the pine forests, mountain ranges and scores of lakes, visitors who dread the scorching sun are perfectly cared for. Summer time is right for rodeos, while in the winters White Mountains offer a snowy retreat.

Phoenix and Central Arizona is the hub of urban life and home to exquisite spas, resorts and rich shopping experiences. Museums and galleries depicting the Old West and history of Native Americans are abundant. Sunny climate is best suited for outdoor activities. Arizona's West Coast has the mighty Colorado River passing through its land and offering multitude of water based activities for visitors and residents. The famous London Bridge and wildlife habitats are present in this part of Arizona. Tucson & Southern Arizona is home to towering mountain ranges, ancient dwellings of Native tribes and world class resorts make it a wonderful vacationing destination.

With all its attractions Arizona is truly the best assortment of natural wonders, modern life and history.

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