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General Information

One of the southern sates of USA, Arkansas is the birth place of former president William Jefferson Clinton. Officially the name of the state is spelled "Arkansas" and pronounced "Arkansaw." The most populous city of Little Rock is also the state capital and Eureka Springs and Hot Springs are its popular tourist destinations.

A great deal of geological diversity is found in Arkansas that is surrounded by six states with the Mississippi River making for a large stretch of the border on the eastern side. Also there is vast mountainous terrain formed by Ozarks and the Ouachita Mountains.

With the natural diversity, Arkansas offers something that truly interests one and all. It boasts of 52 State Parks that are each a unique and splendid site, offering perfect outdoor recreation for kids, families, adventure seekers, senior citizens and nature lovers. Several state parks also have historic sites and museums and therefore it is a wonderful retreat for history lovers.

The diversity of wildlife in Arkansas needs a special mention as every region shelters some exclusive species of animals and birds. Notably the state is situated right on the Mississippi Flyway, a path followed by millions of migrating ducks, geese, butterflies and other birds.

Major attractions include the Diamond Discovery Center, Murfreesboro - a public diamond mine, Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock, Anthony Chapel and Hot Springs National Park, recognized as the oldest National Park in the nation, the stunning Winthrop Rockefeller Center located atop the Petit Jean Mountain and the Mark Martin NASCAR Museum situated in Batesville.

Modern amenities are available in plenty as Arkansas is also home to world class spas, resorts, golf courses and shopping centers. In short Arkansas is the perfect place to discover the bounties of nature, while rejuvenating and unwinding.

Other Information

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