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General Information

On the west coast of United States, California is the nation’s most populous state, home to over 37 million people. It is also the third largest state by area. The Pacific Ocean lies along the coastline of this key state.

Sacramento is the state capital, while its other cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose are equally important on account of their cultural and economic contribution. California that has 58 counties is considered the most vibrant economy of the nation with several key industries flourishing here. From the global entertainment hub of Hollywood to the software center of Silicon Valley and the thriving wine industries of Napa Valley, each part of California nourishes an industry that is a wealth creator.
Tourism in California is a sensational combination of wonderful events, entertainment, activities and destinations. The geography is diverse and holds beaches, snow-capped mountains, desert expanses, valleys and forests. The Central Valley that occupies the heart of California is considered one of the most fertile agricultural lands in the entire country.

Major tourist attractions include the Redwood forests of the Sierra Nevada wilderness, Giant sequoia trees found in the Sequoia National Park considered to be the largest life forms, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in San Diego County which comes alive with vibrant flowers in spring, Disneyland – the theme park in Los Angeles, Paul J Getty Museum, Palm Desert, Yosemite National Park in San Francisco, resort city of Palm Springs and Mojave desert. Tourists also flock to see the numerous trees standing tall on the California White Mountains dating back to more than 4000 years in the past.

These are destinations that you surely do not want to miss.

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