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Parrots Ferry Bridge

parrots ferry bridge

To get to the historic gold mining town of Columbia, California, it is often necessary to venture down Parrots Ferry Road. The great town of Columbia contains gold rush buildings, which is often a great point of interest to travelers. Parrots Ferry Road travels through the Stanislaus River canyon and then back around to Highway 4 at Valecito.

The Parrots Ferry Bridge is one that attracts visitors as well. It stands 1100 feet tall and towers over the high waters in the Melones Reservoir. Visitors can take photos below the bridge, to get a good look at the Melones waters and their interesting height.

On occasion, visitors can also see the white throated birds that nest under Parrots Ferry Bridge. These birds are perhaps a reason the area has been named as such. It is best to visit the area in late morning to evening, because the birds will not likely be present in early morning.

The Parrots Ferry Bridge is part of the Columbia State Historic Park and draws hikers, bikers, and other nature lovers all year long. If you choose to travel Parrots Ferry Road to take a gander at Parrots Ferry Bridge, don’t forget to bring your camera along. There are many scenic areas you will want to capture on film for later viewing.
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