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Bodie State Historic Park

bodie state historic park

Widely recognized as a gold mining ghost town, the Bodie State Historic Park is located on the northeast side of Yosemite. Located at an elevation of 8,375 ft (2,552 m), the Ghost Town of Bodie was once a bustling township inhabited by more than 10,000 people.

Waterman S. Body and Black Taylor stumbled at Bodie Hills in 1859 while they were searching for areas rich in gold and silver reserves. Named after Body, gold and silver mining was rampant in this region from 1860 to 1890. The Standard Mining Company was successful in striking a rich haul of gold and silver reserves in Bodie Town in 1877. During this period, Bodie Town was considered the most lawless, wildest and toughest mining camp in the West. Several businesses started flourishing during the period including wood supplies, saloons, grocery stores, gambling, hotels and even brothels. As the reserves dwindled after 1881, the mining activity in Bodie Town came to a slow halt due to which many people abandoned the town. About 90 percent of the town had got burnt in a disastrous fire that took place during 1892. Today, only 10 percent of the town with 170 wooden structures is preserved in a state of “arrested decay”. This part of the town was declared as a National Historic Site and a State Historic Park in 1962.

Although various places inside the town are closed to visitors, one can see the famous Standard Mine and the Mill on top of Bodie Hill. The Bodie State Historic Park is located on Bodie road, which is 13 miles east of Highway 395. Bodie State Historic Park is a fully protected area which is open to visitors all year round, and is devoid of any commercial facilities such as restaurants, hotels or restrooms inside the park. However, restrooms are available near the parking area. The temperatures are extremely hot during summers and unpredictably cold during winters, accompanied with howling winds.

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