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Giant Forest

giant forest

Located in the Sequoia National Park in California, the Giant Forest is widely known for its Giant Sequoia trees, which are the largest living trees in the world. Situated at an elevation of 6000 feet (1,800 m) above sea level, Giant Forest contains five of the ten largest trees in the world. This list includes the world’s largest tree, the General Sherman Tree.

The Giant Forest is spread over an area of three square miles (8 sq. km.). There are several exquisite places situated near the Giant Forest including Crystal Cave, the majestic Moro Rock, lush Crescent Meadows, Tunnel Logs and lofty mountains. This forest has a wide network of interconnecting foot trails passing through, that connect the main road to many of its magnificent Sequoia groves. Some of the popular ones include the High Sierra Trail and the Soldier’s Loop Trail. The Giant Forest is connected to Kings Canyon National Park through the General’s Highway.

The Giant Forest once had 300 buildings that together formed the Giant Forest Village. However, only remnants of these buildings are now seen in the forest.

General Sherman's Tree, located on the northern border of the Giant Forest, is a remarkable sight to see. This massive Giant Sequoia stands at a height of 272 ft (83 m). The basal circumference of this tree is 36.5 ft (11.1 m) and it presumed to weigh 2,000 tons (1,800 metric tons). Other popular Giant Sequoias located in this forest include the President Tree and the Senate Group through which the popular Congress Trail passes through.

Along with Sequoia National Park, the Giant Forest preserves a remarkable ecosystem that consists of Ponderosa, Jeffrey, Sugar and Lodgepole pine trees. Apart from these, white and red firs and other conifers are also found here. The wildlife in this forest includes the Mule Deer, the Douglas Squirrel and the American Black Bear.

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