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Tharp's Log

tharp's log

Located about two miles from the Giant Forest, Tharp’s Log is a historic cabin made out of a fallen Sequoia tree. This place is located inside the Sequoia National Park in California. Sequoia National Park is one of the most remarkable places in the United States and is situated in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

According to history, this log cabin is thought to have been built by Hale Tharp, who was the first non Native American settler in this region. Hale Tharp was a European who discovered the Giant Forest for the first time in 1858, an achievement that was only possible with the help of some friendly Indians. Tharp was so overwhelmed with the Giant Sequoia trees in the surrounding area that he constructed a cattle ranch among them. He also built a simple summer cabin for himself from a fallen, fire-hollowed Sequoia log. Hale Tharp is believed to have lived in this cabin during the summers from 1861 to 1890. He used to graze his cattle in the lush green meadows. He had immense respect for the grandeur of the forest and struggled to conserve its beauty by working to protect the Giant Sequoia trees from logging.

John Muir, while visiting this area in 1875, was amused with the cabin and termed it as “a noble den”. Since then, Muir continued to visit Tharp’s cabin frequently. Tharp’s Log is preserved as a historic place inside the National Park.

Tharp’s Log can be reached by a mile long trail from the Crescent Meadow. This trail is highly popular among tourists.

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