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General Information

Part of southern United States, Louisiana touches the Gulf of Mexico in the south and is surrounded by the states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas. Baton Rouge is the Capital city and New Orleans the largest. The only US state to be divided into Parishes, there are 64 parishes in the state. As a tribute to pelican, the official state bird, Louisiana has the official nickname of “The Pelican State”.

Five rivers and several lakes are part of Louisiana’s topography and this coupled with the bordering Gulf of Mexico, provides ample opportunities for water based sport. Over 500 festivals are included in Louisiana’s calendar and it is also called as the festival capital of the world. The highlight is of course the carnival of Mardi Gras, celebrated yearly just before the season of Lent. Though introduced by the French, it has now become an integral part of the state and is a symbol of Louisiana’s festive spirit.

For convenience, the state is divided broadly into five regions. Northern Louisiana is the land of sports, with wildlife, hillocks, lakes and forests making it the ideal place for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, trails and also bird watching. In the southern part of Louisiana is the popular Crossroads, the union point of two most historic trails in Louisiana namely the El Camino Real and Natchez Trace and holds extensive unblemished wilderness. The Plantation Country in the Southeast part of the state has the Atchafalaya Basin, hills of St. Francisville and the Great River Road. All along this pathway antebellum plantations thrive and the tours / garden visits offered are the ideal way to savor the experience.

The Cajun Country stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to South Central and the navigable rivers add beauty to the landscape. The Greater New Orleans region that includes the city of New Orleans is situated in southeastern corner of Louisiana has the most captivating architecture in the country with deep historical links making it an exciting place to visit.

Other Information

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