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General Information

The current wealthiest state of USA, Maryland is situated in the southern part of the country along the Atlantic Coast. Maryland was named in the honor of Henrietta Maria, the queen of Charles I of England. Annapolis is the state capital with Baltimore being the largest city.

Maryland is the land of reputed institutions and also the life sciences hub of USA. University System of Maryland, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Johns Hopkins University and Human Genome Sciences (HGS) are some of the well known organizations based in the state.

Maryland exhibits vast variations in topography and in this land find, sand dunes, pine forests, rolling mountains, coastal belt and marshlands. Tourists are enthralled by the variation of landscape from east to west and north to south. Eastern belt is the popular vacation destination with the coastal land offering a warm climate and plenty of recreational activities. It is home to Ocean City, the beach resort which is the preferred destination during summers. Central Maryland that holds Annapolis and the cosmopolitan port city of Baltimore is also the cultural and historic hub. On the nature front there are picturesque rolling hills and the splendid waters of Chesapeake Bay.

Western Maryland is an inviting location that has Backbone Mountain - the highest mountain in the state, the thrilling Appalachian Trail and its snowy climate plays host to a range of winter sports, especially skiing. Capital Region is the part of Maryland that is closest to the national capital, Washington D.C and has deep rooted history, scenic vineyards and amusement parks entertaining the entire family. Southern Maryland is called as a tidewater marvel and is decked with lighthouses alongside serene beaches.

History, natural wonders, scenic destinations, modern amenities, adventure sports and recreational activities – Maryland has it all.

Other Information

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