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General Information

Comprised of two peninsulas as well as Lake Michigan, the second largest of the five Great Lakes, the State of Michigan is the eleventh biggest state in the USA. Bordered by Canada and the US states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Minnesota, Michigan has four of the five Great Lakes. Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie and Lake Huron, along with Lake St. Clair present Michigan with the longest freshwater shoreline water in the world. Lansing is the state capital while Detroit known as the car capital of the world is the largest city.

While car manufacturing and agriculture are the thriving industries, tourism is also one of the top money churning sectors. Hunting is the prime attraction as more than half the land in the state is covered by forests. The water bodies that surround Michigan deck the landscape with vast stretches of beaches all providing abundant opportunities for water sports. Nature lovers are bound to be thrilled with the forest landscape with rarest of rare trees and animals, beaches and lovely zoos. The Detroit Zoo has the distinction of being the first zoo in the country to display cage less, exhibits, enabling animals’ greater liberty to roam.

Another big draw is the numerous historical locations such as museums (Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village), historical sites (Motown Historical Museum) and art galleries (Detroit Institute of Arts) etc. For the contemporary tourist, find some stunning casinos, resorts and restaurants.

Be it the thrill of water sport in pristine waters or the vast expanses of flawless greenery, there is no place like Michigan to experience the simple yet rare pleasures of life.

Other Information

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