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General Information

In the southern part of USA, is the wonderful state of Mississippi, nicknamed as the Magnolia State on account of the plentiful magnolia flowers and trees found here. Jackson, the state capital is also the largest city with numerous attractions. Mississippi has a common border with Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee and is flanked by the Gulf of Mexico on one side.

Mississippi River flows in this land along with other rivers such as Big Black River, Pascagoula, Pearl and Yazoo River. The state is thickly forested with abundant pine trees. Water based sports are actively pursued with hiking, biking, mountain biking, nature trails, wildlife viewing, camping and golfing being other major outdoor recreational activities for residents and visitors.

Tupelo, Mississippi is the birthplace of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll and the museum dedicated to this icon, presents a close up of the star’s magical musical journey. Actor Jim Henson and Oprah Winfrey are other celebrated Mississippians.
From historical landmarks, museums, art galleries, churches, civil war memorials, agricultural tours, scenic beaches, water sports, theme parks and lovely drives to modern casinos Mississippi has a complete package for tourists.

24 state parks are present all across Mississippi, with the most famous ones being LeFleur’s Bluff in Jackson, Geyser Falls Water Park, Jackson Zoological Park and Natchez National Historical Park.

The typical climate is that of short winters and long summers, with the temperature levels showing minimum variation across the state.

Other Information

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