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Rhode Island

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  • Rhode Island Destinations


General Information

The smallest state by area in the USA, Rhode Island has the second highest population density in the country. Contrary to its name, Rhode Island is not an island as except for its southern parts, it is surrounded by land. Massachusetts and Connecticut form the north, east and western borders while Atlantic Ocean engulfs the southern part. Providence is the state capital and the largest city.

The Ocean State is the official nickname of Rhode Island as large parts of land in the state are covered up by salt water. The state economy is characterised by extensive industrialization and jewellery manufacturing ranks among the top sectors. Electronics, silverware are other manufacturing industries. But of late service sectors like healthcare and education are turning into important contributors to the economy.

Rhode Island has cold winters and short summers. With snow carpeted expanses, skiing in Yawqoo Valley to the exotic winter tours of Newport and Blackstone Valley, there is a wide variety of fare for one and all. Events Calendar in winter is full of festivals and special activities that make visiting in this period truly exciting. Summer time is equally thrilling as the state has flawless stretches of beaches with pristine ocean waters that make water sport an absolute delight. Try swimming, surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing or just sun bathing in Rhode Island to experience the difference.

An all season favorite is the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence which has a wonderful display of wildlife and is considered one of the best zoo’s of the region. Prominent historical destinations include the Roger Williams National Memorial and Slater Mill.

From world class restaurants, hotels, resorts, historic locations, exotic cuisine and variety of outdoor activities, Rhode Island has delightful offerings on its platter.

Other Information

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