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General Information

Situated on the Atlantic coast, the Commonwealth of Virginia is the 12th most populous state and 35th largest in the USA. Apart from the ocean border, Virginia is bounded by Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. Named after the ‘Virgin Queen’ - Queen Elizabeth I of England, Virginia participated in the American Revolution.

Richmond is the capital city and Virginia Beach is the largest and most populous city. Notably Virginia is the birthplace of eight American Presidents including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Important Federal government offices’ including the US State Department of Defense headquarters – Pentagon - is located in the state. Virginia also boasts of reputed educational institutions and universities. Major industries include computer chips, tourism, US Navy warships and farming

Beaches are the biggest attraction for tourists with the ever appealing Virginia Beach attracting millions of people. Nature lovers will be exhilarated by the scenic views presented by the Blue Ridge Parkway. Considered the foremost National Scenic Byways in the United States, this well-preserved forest area with the picturesque view of mountains is a traveler’s delight. The Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Creeper Trail are other admired getaways.

However historic locations such as Mount Vernon that houses the residence of George Washington and Monticello which has the home of Thomas Jefferson also bring in large crowds.

Whatever be the sport you love, Virginia has the perfect venue. Whatever the season you come in, there is a delightful experience awaiting you.

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