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General Information

The state of Washington is situated in the Northwest part of USA and is the 18th largest state by area. Its population is the 16th highest in the country. Bounded by Idaho and Oregon, the state shares an international border with Canada. The Pacific Ocean contributes to its western border. Named in the honor of the nation’s first President – George Washington, it is the 42nd state in the USA. Olympia is the state capital and Seattle is the largest city.

The state’s economy has major contributions from agriculture, aircraft industry and software, with global software giant Microsoft being headquartered here.

Three national parks of great acclaim and beauty are present in the state. Washington’s highest point is the snow capped Mount Rainier that stands tall at over 14, 400 feet. Several passionate and serious mountaineers attempt to surmount the peaks while the surrounding Mount Rainier National Park offers the perfect outing for the whole family. The Olympic National Park with a Pacific shoreline is spread over 920,000 acres and has a wide variety of scenic locations as apart from the characteristic alpine meadows, mountain peaks and rain forests there are several beautiful lakes and streams. North Cascades National Park holds the Cascade Mountain ranges and several recreational areas.

Another immensely thrilling destination is The Grand Coulee Dam constructed in 1941. With its height twice as that of Niagara Falls it is considered to be the biggest concrete construction in the US.

National Historic sites, National Forests, Recreational Areas, Wilderness regions, Military bases and Indian Reservations are spread all across the state and all these fashion a magical trip.

Other Information

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